Everyday counts while you are working in a project or not. It is very easy to get distracted at office to spend time on google or stackoverflow or quora. But your carrear is in your hand. No one else will is there to help you. You have to be the best judge of your time and skills. Your skills are going to be only parameter of your success and future. Getting distracted is very easy. It is very easy to get into discussion with friends or colleagues or spending time with Whatsapp Alumni groups or family groups or workplace gossips. In any this situation in daily life, it is very important to carry on working with focus but it is very difficult. So there is always a need for some productivity hacks that can keep us stay on the job.

1) Make a To-Do List

When you don’t know where to start and what to start, the daily tasks sometimes become really irritating and makes us de-focused. Just start by writing down each important and known task. Organize the tasks in three categories i.e. time sensitive, most important, or least desirable.

2) Organize your Desk

Mind it. This is very important. Your desk is reflection of your mind. Similarly it applies to the files in the system also. Keep them in organized manner. Clean them up regularly. Keep the Data sheets in different files, Keep the debugging documents, project documents etc in a proper manner. This helps to focus.

3) Plan for tomorrow before leaving office

This is best productivity hack. You should spend at least ten minutes every day planning for the next day. This will save you from wasting time every day in morning at the start on think what to do next. The first hour of the day is very important in ensuring productivity for the rest of the day.

4) Organize by hours:

Do not make long plans and organize your time for the next few hours. Yes, there will be unavoidable meetings. But in your mind you should be always organized.

5) Reward yourself when work is done:

When you reach specific goals that you have set for yourself, it is time for you to reward yourself. It can be anything from eating your favorite food or spending time with your friends.

6) Be a Team player

Always be proactive to help others, juniors, or take help from others. Mind it, this will help to save lot of time and make a good rapport with team and colleagues.

7) Maintain a Time Schedule in Office

This is also very important. Coming late or leaving late without any reason will not make you productive. Have a circle outside of your office. You have to develop it.

In this post we have discussed non verbal approach, non technical approach for becoming productive in workplace. We shall do more series to explain to be become productive in achieving rewarding work life.


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