About Us

Our Mission

Embeans is driven by the mission to enable the Young generation to benefit from the latest technology upliftment—be it as an organisation, individual or a nation. Our mission is to Create a platform to constantly drive technology education, products to make life easier, secure leading to a technology aware country.




  • Senior technology decision-makers (enterprise, SMEs and government)
  • Senior business decision-makers (organisationsconnected with electronics)
  • R&D professionals
  • Product design and circuit design professionals
  • Test and maintenance professionals
  • Academicians
  • DIYers (aka Makers)
  • Budding engineers


While embeans touches upon a very wide range of topics under the ‘technology’ umbrella, some of the regular subjects it covers are:

  • Latest Technology Trends Worldwide as appropriate
  • Learn It Yourself Training materials on different topics
  • Electronics components guide.
  • How to become an embedded and VLSI expert started from zero.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Circuits and Projects
  • Buyers’ Guide for R&D Labs and Manufacturing Firms
  • Showcase: Innovations, Crowdfunding projects for promoting your crowdfunding campaign to worldwide.
  • Industry Jobs for Freshers and Experienced.
  • Reference Design for different products to copy and make them
  • Hardware/software products and Books review
  • Interview Preparation Guides
  • Competitive exams preparation guide
  • Active discussion forum
  • Components procurement
  • Training Materials and More


  • Tanmoy Deb ( Chief Editor of Embeans and Director & Founder of Equonix Tech Lab Pvt LTD)
  • PM Mishra (Co-Founder)