Amin Amooie, a PhD student majoring in earth sciences at The Ohio State University, recently announced that they have build up a model of supercomputing power called as “Buckeye Pi.”

Their main goal is to learn computer programming and making applications for different earth science simulations. Though they have access to full scale academic supercomputers but they wanted to make the solution from scratch. They did not favored to make it only for scientific simulations.

That’s why they all geared up to make their own.

Buckeye Pi is basically a platform for other students also who wants to learn how to develop efficient, scalable computer programe for earth science research.

Amine Amooie

They have used 128 circuit boards and 512 processors to make this solution. This is the most powerful student-built supercomputer ever made from off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi circuit boards.

Last month, Amooie introduced Buckeye Pi at the American Geophysical Union meeting in New Orleans.

The versatile tools offered by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the United Kingdom inspired the project, Amooie said. The rasberry Pi foundation sells low-cost, modular computers about the size of a deck of cards, and helps students learn how to use them to build their own electronics. The design is extremely flexible. One Raspberry Pi could operate a toy car, a video game console or a simple computer vision system, for instance.


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