In the recent announcement, The Raspberry Pi Foundation has declared that they have came up a new Pi model of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the most cheap variant of the Raspberry Pi. They call it Raspberry PI Zero WH.

The main difference between this edition and the current Pi Zero WH is its pre-soldered GPIO header. This enables the user to start to start prototyping with a Pi Zero board directly. There is no need to solder the connecting pins to the header manually. This also saves the board from damaging for the new users.

The Raspberry Pi Zero WH comes with pre-soldered header

Raspberry Pi Foundation Director of Product Management, Mike Buffham, explains that the new Zero WH has been made by the requests of the users and “to support those customers who did not want to or feel comfortable with soldering the header themselves.”

While Mike clarifies that “it seemed sensible” to solder the GPIO header on during manufacture, the move is “not completely simple.” As the GPIO header is soldered to the opposite side to other components, this means “the boards have to go through the solder baths twice.”


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