7Myth #  The best person for the job gets it.

This is one of the most popular myths. Most of you think that you will crack the interview if you are best candidate to showcase your technical skill. But this is not always true. This is very varying factors which decide the result of an interview round. You may be very technically competent person, but has bad attitude, the less technical competent may get better chance in that.

6Myth #  Interviews are like school exams – the more you say the better you’ll do.

Your interview is never like School exams. Interview is entry to a long term daily process. You are no more in school, you will not get marksheets after passing the interview. For the employer they are looking best match person for their work position who can deliver work. Don’t try to give over information while giving an answer. Give very specific and explain if it necessary. Listen the question first, then answer.

5Myth #  Interviewers know what they are doing.

Serious manager talking to a candidate

The interviewer is not looking to get best answer from you. He/She is looking their next colleague. They are looking trustworthy people who are willing to take responsibility and take commitment for the job required. So their mind is looking answer of different things from you at a same time.

4Myth #  Never say ‘I don’t know’

In a survey it was found that people think, if they say “I don’t know”, this will add disadvantage in their interview. But in the field of changing technology it is not possible to know everything. Your interviewer are very well aware about it.  Your answer that you don’t know an answer may add advantage or portrait your picture that you accept your situation.

3Myth # Good looking people get the job.

This is very interesting. Lot of freshers think this. They do over makeup sometime before going interview. But this is not true. Your life is not like hollywood movie. This happens only in movie.

2Myth # You should try to give the perfect answers.

No one is perfect. Your answer should be self explanatory to show case your basic and clear understanding of a concept of the question. In real world, knowing the correct answer is not enough. How to reach to answer after different failures is very important to know and present.

1Myth #  Interviewers are looking for flaws.

Executives sitting at conference table, looking at man in foreground

Interviewers are looking for best candidate to get their job done. Hiring is a process, if they get best candidate during first interview that is very best for them. That will save companies time and money. At the same time they are looking if you are the best candidate as per their requirement.


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