Internet of things services will be biggest disruption in the telecommunication industry.

The biggest challenge in IoT products like pet tracking, smart switch, smart meter was networking and communication to the end user. For the manufacturers this was a cost overhead to add GSM/GPRS based tracking and support to the end consumers. For the consumers it was difficult to maintain large number of extra phone numbers in home. The role of telecommunication companies were very crucial for this solutions. As, the telecom companies are these days under immense pressure due lower call rate by pressure of competition and govt rules worldwide. They are always trying to find new areas to create services around product and monetize that. Internet of things is a biggest buzzword in current era. Now the telecom companies are also realizing that and coming up innovative services product for customers.

The telecom giant Vodafone recently announced that they are launching “V For Vodafone” plaftorm to setup personalized IoT devices for it. As a start they are launching it with four products.

The platform and products both are available now in the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy, with another 28 countries in Europe getting soon.

Vodafone currently has four products available:

V-Auto; This is a dongle that plugs into the OBD port on most cars built since 2002. This provides an SOS function to the emergency services if you’re in an accident, acts as a GPS location tracker.

V-Camera is a mobile portable security camera that provides continuous live streaming using the 3G or 4G network.

V-Pet is a location and activity tracker for cats and dogs. The tracker can send notifications to your smartphone if it goes outside a preferred area. It can also be used to monitor sleeping patterns.

V-Bag is a designated location tracker that attaches to your bag that can also send a notification if it goes outside a preferred area.

Each V by Vodafone product uses a dedicated V-Sim by Vodafone SIM card to connect to the network and make it accessible using the smartphone App. All the services will be provided using monthly subscription.



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