Vivaldi Team today announced that they are launching an edition of ARM architecture based computers mostly like Raspberry PI. If you don’t know what Vivaldi is, that Vivaldi is a Chromium based Web browser maintained by developers of Vivaldi Technologies.

“We are excited to unveil Vivaldi for the popular development board Raspberry Pi and other Linux based ARM devices. Enthusiastic Raspberry Pi users who are looking for a more feature-rich and flexible browser, will find Vivaldi a thrilling experience,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies.

Vivaldi wants to take step in the world of DIY developers and hobbyists who uses Raspberry PI often as platform, offering them all the tools to optimize their web browsing experience for maximum productivity.

Vivaldi for Raspberry Pi will help users to optimize various settings which will boost the overall performance of your device by reducing resource usage, turning off animated GIFs, or switching to the advanced Reader View for a clutter-free reading environment. In addition, there’s tab grouping, note taking, and screenshot capturing.

Vivaldi CEO informed us that Vivaldi Technologies also put up a contest for those who will try Vivaldi on their Raspberry Pi computers, and all you have to do to win is to share the plans for your next Raspberry Pi project in a comment on the blog announcement.

You can win a Raspberry Pi Model 3 single-board computer, a custom case, a power supply with international adapters, a 16GB micro-SD card with Vivaldi preinstalled, as well as Vivaldi swag, stickers and other goodies. The most “crazy” ideas will win, of course, so make sure you think of something out of the ordinary.



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